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Vision ACTion

Driving the change we need to see

Vision ACT are a group of dedicated vision scientists, educators, and clinicians from across the ACT region looking at developing better outcomes for patients with visual disorders today, while developing technologies, treatments and diagnostics for the future.


Vision is an integral part to most of our daily lives allowing us to navigate the visual world in which we live. Members of Vision ACTion are at the forefront of research and clinical practice providing knowledge, treatment and hope to the ACT region and beyond.


Our research covers eye and brain problems which lead to vision loss. We work closely with industry and government to deliver outcomes.


One of the key focuses of the group is to address the gap in the vision science workforce required to drive ideas from books, to bench, to bedside while delivering patient centred treatments and outcomes. We are keen to work with members of the public, government, educational sector and healthcare to address this growing need.

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