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Clear Vision Research at Brain Teaser 2021

Recently, I had the opportunity to be part of the organising team of Brain Teaser 2021 – An exciting Neuroscience-themed event presented by Eccles Institute of Neuroscience for the general public to engage with researchers at ANU.

The idea for Brain Teaser started in May, 2021 when 5 PhD students from Eccles Institute of Neuroscience got together on a Friday evening and brainstormed ideas and ways in which we could open our door to the Canberra public and make our research more accessible. We planned for the event to be held in-person at The John Curtin School of Medical Research as part of the National Science Week, but the evolving COVID situation in ACT made us shift it to a virtual platform, making it accessible to a wider audience even outside Canberra!

Meet the BrainTeaser team!

Brain Teaser 2021 involved multiple neuroscience themed demonstrations, short communicative talks from neuroscience researchers, fun colouring-in / creation competitions for kids and interactive virtual booths with information on research conducted at ANU. Through virtual booths on and interactive talks, attendees could learn about various aspects of their nervous system and brain, ask questions to our researchers and engage with students. We also collaborated with The Wholesome show, who presented a podcast featuring Dr. Shaam Al Abed on some of the most controversial treatments used in clinical psychology.

Clear Vision Research Lab had our very own virtual booth, showing a glimpse of our research and its wider impact on the community. Dr. Riccardo Natoli presented an exciting talk during which he addressed the importance of vision research in Australia, some emerging therapies for leading causes of vision loss and how our community can engage with our research.

It was overall a wonderful way for the researchers at ANU to come together and engage with the wider public. For more information on the event, virtual booths and the talks, visit-

Hopefully we can see you all next year in person :)

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