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Publication alert

Clear Vision Research have recently had a manuscript accepted for publication in Molecular Neurodegneration (Impact Factor: 14.019) making it the highest impact publication ever produced by the lab. The paper was co-first authored by Dr Joshua Chu-Tan and Mr Adrian Cioanca and was the culmination of approximately four years of work stemming from a NHMRC Project Grant from 2017.

The paper title, Functional microRNA targetome undergoes degeneration-induced shift in the retina, uses a highly complex technique known as high-throughput sequencing following cross-linking immunoprecipitation (HITS-CLIP) using the argonaute 2 molecule, a key component of the complex required for microRNA activity. Using this technique we were able to isolate the entire functional microRNA transcriptome along with what these microRNA are actually targeting in the retina during degeneration.

Functional microRNA network

This study provides important insight into the alteration of miRNA regulatory activity that occurs as a response to retinal degeneration and explores the miRNA-mRNA targetome as a consequence of retinal degenerations.

You can read the paper at the following link:

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