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Recap on 2020 achievements: Excellence in Supervision Award

Although 2020 was a challenging year there were a number of achievements within the Clear Vision Research Laboratories that were not acknowledged at the time that we believe should still be shared. Therefore, over the coming months we will be updating this site with posts to outline some of the more positive milestones for us during 2020.

To start off we would like to say congratulations to Associate Professor Riccardo Natoli who was awarded an Australian National University College of Health and Medicine Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in Education for Excellence in Supervision.

These awards both acknowledge and celebrate his excellence in research supervision and is testament to Associate Professor Natoli ethos of ‘investing in people’, especially in early career researchers. His expert guidance in developing research projects and directions has resulted in a sustained record of quality publications for both junior and senior members of his research team. Associate Professor has demonstrated excellence in mentorship by inclusively discussing the future research direction of the team and by encouraging active involvement in the grant writing process, whilst providing a supportive framework with constructive criticism. This results in collegial, positive learning atmosphere among all group members, where everyone is involved in the learning process and has increased productivity, granting success and career prospects for all members of the lab. I want to congratulate Associate Professor Natoli for this award and leadership he has shown in supervision as the head of the Clear Vision Laboratories at the Australian National University.

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